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Imaginative Literature


Nna ka lebitso ke Fezekile Futhwa. Fezekile is a Xhosa word that means accomplished[in the context of my family] I am the son of Mme Mathulo Khitsane and Ntate Zenzile Futhwa.

Isiduko sam:

uFuthwa, uMkwayi, uNtshaba, uTogu, uSikomo, uNgcwangu, uTshawe, uNkosiyamntu, uMalangana, uXhosa, uMnguni

I am many things to many people. Ke ntate ho mora wa ka Lwazi. Ke ntate moholo ho Siyabulela le Khwezi. Ke rangwane ho Nombulelo, malome ho Mlindwa le Zanele. Ke molekane ho Nobantu, Matshediso Mofokeng. Ke moena ho Mlungisi le Velile. Ke moholwane ho Nzimeni, Velaphi le Themba. Ke kgaitsedi ho mofu Nozililo le Pinky. Ke mora ho Mme mofu Mathulo Khitsane le ntate Zenzile Futhwa.

Some may be alarmed to realise that I tend to lean more on Sesotho than I do on isiXhosa! Reason is that I grew up in Qwaqwa and I studied Sesotho. Add to that the fact that my mother is a Mosotho. So, I am good in Sesotho.

What is a profession? Is it something you do for a living? If so, then I guess I have no profession. As I write, 21 May 2011, I do not make a living and thereby professionless.

I have spend all my working life working in the software development environment in one role or the other. My job titles have thus far been software developer(senior), web analyst, e-systems administrator, e-commerce manager, database programmer, intranet developer and senior programmer.

This is what I have been doing for 13 years in total.

Why am I not working? Frankly, I am tired of the corporate nonsense. I have been subjected to some of the worst forms of discrimination, and I have reached my limit about what I can take. For the first time in my working life, I felt like hitting someone at work. For the first time I told a manager shit at work and in public(no more diplomacy in the face of great provocation). Right now work is something I hope never to engage myself in, despite the many years I have invested building my "career".

I am a non professional writer, meaning that writing to me is for fun and enjoyment. I get to publish my works on www.futhwa.org.za and www.nalane.org.za. Lately I also write a lot on Facebook.

Some of my work has appeared on the Imaginative Literature blog, www.poetrypotion.com, City Press, Mail & Guardian, The Sowetan, Kasi Times, AfroConscious Volume 1, ILWIW and whatever else I might forget.

The works I have published can be viewed under the Books section of this site. This is really how I make my living, through creative works.

Lately I am trying a hand at professional photography. I am building a portfolio of photographs to be sold as stock photos. For now I am found at Shutterstock.

My thoughts:

  • I honestly now beleive that many of us African people have wasted portions of our lives in careers that have not benefited us in any way.
  • I believe that it is the African people that are trying hard to build a non racial society, but white people for the most part remain racists.
  • Corporate South Afrika is untransformed and will remain so for a very long time.
  • In some companies, African people are supposed not to have opinions nor feelings.
  • Professional jobs are un-unionised and that is a big mistake.
  • Unions in the traditional sense are outdated, and do not serve the interests of workers; hence many employees today choose to remain unionless.
  • The black agenda is unchampioned and remains unfulfilled.
  • Politians are self serving.
  • South Afrika does not belong to all who live in it because only one side of the population gains from what it has to offer.
  • The Freedom Charter has been betrayed.

My Interests

  • Reading
  • I have always loved being enveloped in a good story, put across through the written word. I value my book collection more than many things in my life.

  • Writing
  • One major disadvantage about being an introvert is that I usually do not talk much. I become talkative only when topics I am passionate about are being discussed. So writing for me is a way to express myself, and I express myself best through the written word.

  • Debates
  • I hold tons and tons of views and opinions on matters I deem important to me, especially the politics of today. It is only natural then I enjoy debates and discussions around these matters. As a result, I can talk to anyone anytime about any of those.

  • Travelling
  • Because of all of the above, I feel at peace when I am around nature. Many people who know me find it hard to understand my tendency to visit home every so often. The reason is that my home, Qwaqwa, is very natural! Here I get to take long walks into the mountains and appreciate the beauty of my home.

    I get to travel regularly around South Afrika, all in a quest to experience life. But my travels are targeted at places where nature can be experienced, therefore I do not take any trips to towns and cities.

    I enjoy enjoying nature on foot, so I rarely go on guided tours and nature drives. My mind, body and soul is much at ease when I walk and feel what my eyes see.
Here are some of the best places I have experienced:
  1. Qwaqwa
  2. Qwaqwa lehae la Basotho. The official slogan of Qwaqwa is a misnomer because Qwaqwa has never really been home exclusively to Basotho! Qwaqwa has always been home to mixed ethnics, in particular: Basotho, AmaZulu, AmaXhosa, AmaSwati and AmaNdebele. But everyone speaks Sesotho in Qwaqwa.

    Qwaqwa is a mountaineous area endowed with lots of mountain ranges. The most rewarding part is that none of our mountains are fenced, so you can go anywhere you want!

    Let's see how well I know Qwaqwa by recounting the mountain ranges:
    • Thaba Qwaqwa (Botjhabela/Phuthaditjhaba)
    • Thaba Bosiu (Thaba Bosiu)
    • Thaba Wetsi (Monontsha)
    • Thabana Tshwana (Matebeleng/Makgaolaneng/Thabana Tshwana)
    • Thaba Tshweu (Makeneng/Naledi/Semphurwaneng/Phahameng)
    • Thaba Putswa (Masaleng)
    • Thaba Ronto (Thabong)
    • Thaba Luti(Maluti) - (Tsheseng/Makeneng/Masaleng)
    Mmm, my knowledge is shameful! There are many more mountains I do not know their names. *shame faced*

    As a start, I recommend you explore the ranges in the south. These include the infamous Phofung(Mount Aux Sources) of Maluti, Thaba Tshweu, Thabana Tshwana and Thaba Putswa. These start in the south and extends to the west. There is too much beauty to try to explain, just go see for yourself.

    Never go to Qwaqwa without your camera!

  3. KwaZulu
  4. KwaZulu is second on my list of places I frequent, after Qwaqwa. Firstly, the Zulu Kingdom should be applauded for keeping tradition and culture very much alive in the province. Sorry, not King Zwelithini(he is a political candidate and seem to forget that Kings are not supposed to endorse political parties), but the real Zulu monarchy.

    Almost every corner has something to offer, although my favourite spots are Thekwini(Durban) and the northern parts of the province. In particular, the Mkhanyakude district has made an impression on me. The district includes areas such as Empangeni, Richards Bay, Mtubatuba, St Lucia, Hluhluwe, Umfolozi, Mkuze, Hlabisa, Jozini, Kwangwanase and Ingwavuma. The district is adjacent to the Zululand district, which also offers so much to see.

  5. Cape Town
  6. Cape Town is among the most beautiful places in the world, on the natural front. There is so much to see and experiences in and around Cape Town.

  7. Limpopo/Mpumalanga
  8. I can't quite differentiate between Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Don't blame me, there has been too many border changes to keep up. But the two provinces houses some of the most fulfilling natural landscapes.

  9. Seychelles
  10. This is one land I always remember and recommend. The Seychelles is endowed with splendid landscapes, oceans and beaches. You cannot go to Seychelles and not visit the Boat Restaurant on the main island of Mahe. Their food is out of this world.

  11. Botswana
  12. I have been to Botswana a few times and have not visited all the places I want to see yet, but so far I love Botswana. I cannot forget the food I ate!

  13. Zambia
  14. I should mention that I have not really experienced Zambia, since I have only been here in transit by car. But the places I have seen, though not stayed, are impressive. I only know Livingstone and the areas en route to Zimbabwe.

  15. Zimbabwe
  16. Banna we, what a beautiful place this that ntate Robert Mugabe rules! I have only been to the Victoria Falls, and I loved it. The falls cannot be described, one just has to experience them to understand. I do not understand though why they keep using Victoria Falls when president Mugabe is so anti Britain? Shouldn't he be promoting the indigenous name Mosi o a Thunya? I know the falls will become one of my regular spots, plus there are many other places in Zimbabwe I would like to visit.

  17. Nederlands
  18. Quite a unique experience and different from what I am used to. I enjoyed my stay and loved their public transport. I was struck by the fact that it is the only place I know where marijuana is legal. Even in Africa where it is part of our heritage, the herb remains illegal for some illogical reasons.

  19. Lesotho
  20. Botle ba The Mountain Kingdom. Lesotho is the explorer's paradise, you can never run out of things to do or see. I only know the Northern and West parts of Lesotho, with major towns like Botha Bothe(incorrectly spelled by missionaries as Butha Buthe and yet to be corrected by Basotho!), Leribe, Teyateyaneng, Maseru, Morija and Motsekua. Lesotho is rich in culture and heritage, something I am closely following up since this is in line with my writing aspirations. So far, the following places deserve a mention from me: Morija Museum and Archives, Sesutho Book Depot and Morija Printing Works. They are doing a fantastic job of keeping Basotho literature alive.

  21. SADC
  22. This is what is next on my list of SADC countries, so I should soon write about my experiences in Lesotho. Any willing sponsors? One can only hope. I hope to have been to the following places in Africa by the end of 2013: Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Ke maoto ke oka ditlhabela!