Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


Why a biography?

While sitting and writing an abridged version of my life, a lot of work I must say, the outcome was quite intriguing. The problems I faced while running my company, 2dots Media, made me take some time off just to think. It was a time well spent and this is when I actually started to seriously consider writing as something to do. Considering the amount of text this little project produced, it made sense to consider putting it into some sort of life work.

But now considering that I am only 32 years old, I still have a long way to go for a proper biography to be complete. So this work covers my life up to this part, following the failure of my business, and the rest will follow as and when time permits. I now understand why it takes such a long time for a biography to be complete.

This first version of the biography may not be perfect, but will be revised continually until it reaches maturity; or at least somebody considers it mature.

Fast forward to June 2011....

I, like many people, am many things to many people. And chances are that you will get different versions of who I am depending on whom you ask!


For the simple reason that modern life imposes life styles upon us, and there is nothing we can do about that fact. Let me attempt to answer this question by way of an example:

  • Fezekile the husband
  • My role is to build a successful family, and this usually means a lot of sacrifices.
  • Fezekile the brother
  • My role is to be the best brother I can be, someone my siblings can look up to and be proud of.
  • Fezekile the son
  • My role is to be the obedient son who is loyal to his parents.
  • Fezekile the friend
  • My role is to be care free and very opinionated.
  • Fezekile the professional
  • My role is to be good at what I do and function from a principled position.

This is why family members almost always never get to know their siblings/children fully once they venture out into the work place. Family life is distinctly different from work life.

My interest in penning this biography is to share aspects of my life. Understand that this is not a full account of my life, but merely aspects of that life.