Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


I write what I like and I like what I write.

Print Editions

  1. Bafokeng, ISBN:978-1-475-00337-6 Price: R100
  2. Diboko tsa Basotho, ISBN:978-1-475-00260-7 Price: R120
  3. Setho: Afrikan Thought & Belief System, ISBN:978-1-475-02935-2 Price: R150

Print editions are available from Amazon and can also be bought at Nalane. I will give a list of bookstores once this has been finalised.


  1. Bafokeng (sesotho non fiction)
  2. Setho - Afrikan Thought and Belief System (non fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-50395-2 Price: R70
  3. Diboko tsa Basotho (sesotho non fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-50394-5 Price: R50
  4. Monya Matsete (sesotho poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46377-5 Price: R30
  5. Rebirth - A Poetic Journey (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46378-2 Price: R30
  6. Rhythm and Soul - A Spiritual Expression (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46379-9 Price: R30
  7. Untold Stories (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-47177-0 Price: R30
  8. Thoughts of a Black Child (essays), ISBN:978-0-620-46966-1 Price: R50
  9. Passion and Death (fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-46380-5 Price: R20

Below is a list of publications without ISBN numbers.

  1. Modern Malehood Dilemma (fiction) Price: Free
  2. The Magic Number (fiction) Price: Free (forever work in progress as the story keeps growing!)

The following are travel books, capturing the beauty of the places about which they are written. These are high resolution photographs.

  1. Qwaqwa Nature on Track Volume 1 - Price R100
  2. Qwaqwa Nature on Track Volume 2 - Price R100
  3. Qwaqwa Nature on Track Volume 3 - Price R100
  4. Qwaqwa Nature on Track Volume 4 - Price R100
  5. The Seychelles - Price R100

Forthcoming print titles in 2012 and 2013.

  1. Nalane ya Mosotho (sesotho non fiction) - expected date: December 2012
  2. Modula Qhowa (sesotho non fiction)

To order, please send me an email at fezekile@futhwa.org.za, and I will advice of the process.

These are my stories.