Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


Broken Man

When a man breaks down
It is for a reason
It is for no reason
That a man
Would go sad
Manhood is a responsibility

I saw women laughing
Giggling and gossiping
About a lone man
He who was down
He who had reached a point of no care
Sitting down in the middle of the road
In broad day light
Crying alone
Not bothered what people would think

My people have a saying
That says a wound of a man should not be laughed at
For only his heart knows
How difficult his life must be
To break down
Let people see tears run down his face
For men take pride
In acting strong
That is manly and handsome

My heart bleeds
For I know
That a crying man
Is a broken man
He has reached breeaking point
A point beyond which
A person is unpredictable
Where anything is possible
And we need not
Men unpredictable