Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


Death of Emotion

Kgele banna!
What is this?
This I witness with my soul
Completely indeferent
To pain and suffering

When my heart bleeds
Only it does drip blood
From the wound
Wounded like a dog
Limping and licking
In an effort to comfort oneself
Yet the wound is a wound

How amazing
A tale of complete opposites
Hurt yet happy
Wounded yet comforted
Pained yet contended
At the knowledge
That is all but a ritual
A ritual of good byes

When love knocks
Doors open wide
It brings with it
Light and peace
For love is happiness
You cannot be in love
Yet be unhappy

When love ceases
When its existance is cut short
When love is past
How dreadful
For the one who has lost
The one on whom love is lost
Pained severly
Like a storm is passing through
Only it is love lost

Tears stream down
Even men of men
Do cry
When love stops
And declares an end
To all friendships and unions
Leaving destruction in its wake
Broken hearts
Mucus infested noses
Eyes filled with wells of tears

True, some are lucky
To foresee a love coming to an end
And prepare themselves
For the inevitable
When love stops
To accept it gracefully
And move on
Only to look back and say:
It was all in a days work