Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


I Cried

I know I cried
I cried in front of my woman
Cried hi hiii like a child
Tears ran down my face
Like streams from the river
When it has rained
Running with strongest currents

I know I cried
And I also know
In your eyes
My crying is a sign
Of weakness
For a man is not
Supposed to cry, in your eyes
Yet I was hurt
Deeper than I can say

I know I cried
Cried like a baby
When my world crambled on my feet
When all ceased to work
Life changed in an instant
Rendering me useless
In your eyes
I cried

I know I cried
Because the change I saw
In you, made me sad
My tears were not because of my misfortunes
Nor were they because life was hard
But they were a sign
Of defeat
My defeat
In your eyes
When I was useless

I cried
My heart bled
For the transformation I saw
When you changed
From the one I love
To the one who torments me
The one who drives a knife
Deep deep into my soul
Stabing my manhood
Wounding my pride
With words and acts
Of scorn

But I know
In my heart of hearts
That a man's cries
Are not for nothing
My pain will one day
Catch up with you
For I laid my heart bare
For you to love and caress
Yet you stamped
On every bit of emotion
Spat on me
And threw me away
When I was most vulnerable

I cried then
I cry now
In the comfort of my myself
In the privacy of my spirit
I cry not
For my troubles
But I cry for you
The misfortune
You have brought unto yourself
By teasing the tears rolling down face