Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


Love Unknown

Aahhh! It all seems so implausible
Like a fairy tale
Although I believe not
In fairy tales
For fairy tales are just that

How possible is it
To love and adore
To admire and favour
Remember and miss
All at once

Love is supposed to be free
For it is the willingness of spirit
And the willing of the soul
That invoke these feelings
We call love

But how come
Day in and day out
It feels more like a burden
For it hurts more than it inspires
Causes longing more than joy
Tears rolling down my face
Tears of happiness and sorrow
The memory of you

I can't help but wonder
Why me?
So much force
Sparked by a mere thought
A thought of you
Involuntarily capturing my mind
Enslaving my thought patterns

What have I ever done
To deserve this much pain
Pain of love
Pain of a sore heart
A heart bleeding in longing
Longing for you

Is this a miracle or a curse?
That I fell in love
Or to be bothered by a heart
And a memory in spell
Spell bound by thoughts of you
Yet I have never set eyes on you
My love feasts on thoughts
A picture conjured by the mind
Of what you must be like

And now I am awe struck
That voice!
That voice of yours
Keeps ringing in my ears
As if it is a reminder
A message send to my mind
Connecting me to my heart
It that sparks longing
To hear that voice one more time
To quench this thirst
A thirst to listen to you

Honey, your voice is sweet
I can only imagine
What you look like
To feed my curiousity
Forever wondering about you
Your looks
Your smile
Your eyes
I imagine them staring at me
And love spikes
Like I am a patient with high blood pressure
Yet my pressure is memories of you

What is one to do?
Honey, in this dilemma
What shall become of me?
In this spiraling web
Web of lies and deceit
For I imagine it a lie
That a man can love a woman
Without having set eyes on her
Yet I continue to suffer
How strange, how amazing
To love someone unknown