Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


Relatively Speaking

I am bounded
By tradition and custom
To remain loyal to you
By custom and norms
To prove my loyalty to you
And this I shall do

Today I swear
By the Gods of my fathers
That I am yours and you mine
The two of us
Shall strive for unity
Bounded by love and trust
Never to be broken by man or spirit

But truth be told
Honesty be honoured
It troubles me
That today
You and I
Are bounded together
By this mutual feeling
Feeling of love
It that demands loyalty

God knows
I mean every word
When I say I love you
When I swear to remain loyal to you
As honest as humanly possible
For it is the price of love
Total and undivided trust
Between two people

But my mind casts me back
My life flashes in front of my eyes
A history of my entire life
Retold only in a few moments
Reminding me that loyalty is relative
It has been in the past
And shall always be

Yesterday I felt the same way
About another
Like I feel about you now
Swore to remain true and honest
Saw a future among us
Yet here I stand
Promises broken
Hearts shattered

I can't help but wonder
If our trust is misplaced
In the name of love
In the midst of passion
Promises made
Yet broken
Time over again

I can't help but wonder
Imagine that love is all but an illusion
Created in the height of emotions
Blinded by blood running hot
When the heart speaks more than the mind
Reasons felt than imagined
Love is a thing of the moment
It comes and it goes

May the Gods be with me
As I wonder out loud
About love, trust and loyalty
If all these
Are relative to cirmustances
For we all make promises
Under cirmcustances
Real or imagined

How many have I loved in a life time?
All with whom promises were made
To love and cherish
But time over again
Life moved past
And I found another
In whom my passion was rekindled
In you were but yesterday
Only a memory I wish not to remember
A thing of the past
Cast in the dustbins of history

Relatively speaking
I imagine I love you
But my love for you
Should not be mistaken
For loyalty and long term commitment
For I have learned
That love is like the seasons
It changes with every turn of the moon
And possibly, with every passing skirt