Fezekile Futhwa 

Revolutionary Relay - Write What You Like


She Goddess

My eyes are blessed
My soul liberated
My senses are graced
This day
The day of wonders

I have seen her
Laid my naked eyes on her
Like it was some prophecy
Destined to happen
Just when the time is right

I must be special
Anointed with the anciet glory
Marked as a wise one
For today I saw greatness
Dreamed in the reality of the moment

The Goddess of beauty
She who represents serenity
Who defines purity
She from whom all beauty came
I saw an African Goddess
Goddess on earth

She truly rules this land
She sways as she walks
Taking measured steps
Not to defile her beauty
Goddess of my land
In her beauty has meaning

How on earth
Am I supposed to describe Her
Her beauty is beyond words
Words do harm
In trying to explain
I can only live in lust
Lust of memories
For memory is reality hidden
Lingering in the depths of spirituality
Remembered only in tranches
As the spirits wills

I know no other
But beauty I have seen
On this my land
Land of Ancestors
Land of the Gods
Land of the Spirits
Beauty defined in a woman
An African woman
You are God