Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


  1. Setho - Afrikan Thought and Belief System (non fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-50395-2
  2. Diboko tsa Basotho (sesotho non fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-50394-5
  3. Bafokeng (sesotho non fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-51135-3
  4. Monya Matsete (sesotho poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46377-5
  5. Rebirth - A Poetic Journey (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46378-2
  6. Rhythm and Soul - A Spiritual Expression (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-46379-9
  7. Untold Stories (english poetry), ISBN:978-0-620-47177-0
  8. Thoughts of a Black Child (essays), ISBN:978-0-620-46966-1
  9. Passion and Death (fiction), ISBN:978-0-620-46380-5
  10. Modern Malehood Dilemma (fiction)
  11. The Magic Number (fiction)

Many of these books are available on sale on the Books page, but I find myself releasing my work for free, if only to make it widely available. I do hope though that people will continue to buy my work. Also note that the versions available here for download may not be the most recent versions. So there will likely be differences between what is downloadable and the books available on sale.

I have not made my travel books available here for download due to cost issues. But you can download them from Nalane. Works by friends and people who share my ideals is also available for download at Nalane.

Why is my work available for free online? I strongly believe in sharing, it is a culture inculcated in me by the Botho law and value system of my people. So I buy into the whole open access idea. So you can read my work for free and if you like what you read, I ask you to support me by purchasing my work.

The idea that I allow you to read my work first and then ask for payment after buffles many people. I figure people must know what they are buying, so it makes sense to me to do this. Also this way, our book buying money stretches further.

These are my stories.