Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


Here you can read the fictional work I have penned thus far.

The Magic Number is a continuing story. It started as a short story that has since grown with a potential for a being a novel. I only visit this story once in a while, so it seems like it will take time to come to conclusion.

An except from Tshabanana, The Love Nest.

Suspended against the stony hill of Kgopjane river. Seated majestically adjacent to Tshabanana, the swimming spot for girls only, reputated to be home to a water snake. Surrounded by a thick blanket of poplar trees. Viewed from a distance, this is one of the most beautiful scenes nature has given Bolata village.

Girls and boys love Kgopjane river. It represents many things to different people. It is a lovely river that crosses multiple villages. It is the drinking hole for domestic animals. It is the water resevoir where families gather over weekends to wash clothes. It is the swimming post for boys and girls with generous white stones for waming up after a swim. The sand is soft and grey. It is also popular with dagga smokers, apparently matekwane tastes better in Tshabanana!!!!

It also serves the purpose of being the base for local witches when night falls. No one dares goes to Kgopjane late at night.

But of all its purposes, the love nest is the most fascinating. Tshabanana is the love spot for boys and girls. The poplar trees have proven enough cover for the things that take place in there. If anything, Tshabanana is the single most location in Bolata where girls continue to lose their virginity!! Teenage pregnancy is phrophecised in Tshabanana.

Tshabanana, The Love Nest is a story about young love, innocence, witchcraft and dilemmas of teen pregnancies in Bolata village, Qwaqwa. Watch out, the full story is coming...