Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


I write what I like and I like what I write.

Eish, these days one cannot ignore the legal stuff, so here it goes...

  • All material published on this site is mine and mine alone. All material I used to publish on behalf of other people has been moved to Nalane, www.nalane.org.za
  • As an Afrikan, I abide by the principles of ubuntu/botho; part of which is sharing. I fully agree to sharing my work with anyone who might be interested, but retain copyright over any sharing.
  • If you like my work enough to want to share, please credit me. That is all I ask. Anyway, the principles of ubuntu/botho grants me that right. "Ke utlwile Fezekile a re.... / ndive uFezekile esithi...."
  • If you buy my work, I really hope you do buy my work, feel free to share with others. Although you might not get it back from others as they will also share with their friends, and friends of friends. Be as it may, let's encourage sharing; although you cannot hold me responsible for friends who do not return books when you lend them. Anyway, into yomntu yeyakho!
  • I am granting sharing rights purely at a personal level. For business or commercial purposes, I expect people to buy my work or compensate me justly and fairly.
  • As an individual story teller, you need no permission to recite my work; although it would be nice to know that my work is being performed in some way. I expressely grant permission to do so. This excludes people in the film and performing industries of course!
  • Teachers, you may use any of my work freely without worry of copyright infringements. Except of course if you copy an entire book than buy a copy!
  • You see, it is cheaper to buy my books than photocopy them, that is why they are priced so affordably!
  • It would be nice to make some money out of my creative work, so I urge people to buy my work where possible. If you like my work but cannot afford to buy it, just use the copy from this site. This is why all my work, well almost, is made available in digital format here. You may also drop me an email at fezekile@futhwa.org.za to spark some discussion, I may see it fit to send you full versions of my books.


  • My work reflects my passion and ideas, but is in no way a reflection of my values.
  • I cannot be held responsible for thoughts and ideas I advance. While I may believe in them myself, I expect third parties to excersice own judgement on what they read.
  • I do not advance hate speach, neither do I believe in such; but some aspects are so well articulated that others may intepret them as hate speech. If you understand something I wrote to be hate speech, just know that it is your imagination.
  • I strongly believe in freedom of ideas and speech, and these are protected by the country's constitution. Like the country does, I revert everything else to the constitution.
  • Before I am accussed of anything, let the accuser please read the Bill of Rights in the South African Constitution available from www.gov.za.
  • I hold political ideas, views and thoughts; for which I will not apologise. In the same way I hold and advance particular religious ideas; for which I am proud.
  • Race, sectorian and inflamatory relations are a reality in South Afrika; and I shall speak about them freely.
  • Contrary to popular belief, slavery, colonialism and apartheid happened in South Africa. It is a history about which I shall write extensively.
  • As a historian, I shall make statements that may make others to cringe. Any religion that subjects my people to humiliation, degradation and subjugation will be commented upon. And I shall not be afraid to openly critise any such religion.
  • While I am an avant student of linguistics, this site is not about grammar and spelling, expect mis-spellings to happen. Rather bring them to my attention and I shall do my best to correct them, but don't go about complaining about my spelling mistakes. This site is about views and thoughts, and not about proper grammar.
  • Dictators, war-lords, bullies, puppets and ordinary folks shall all be talked about. No one has special treatment in so far as my views are concerned. After all, I have the freedom of thought.
  • About the struggle for the freedom of black people, I shall discuss my history the way I understand it. No one holds a monopoly on how the struggle happened and no one shall tell me what to say or not to say.
  • Finally, if you find the freedoms expressed on this site problematic for your liking; excersise your freedom for the right to choose where to live, Relocate.
  • Ke phetho ke tu!