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Blacks Are Stupid

01 April 2011

Perhaps I should begin by wondering if this title is an admission on my part, since I myself am black. But I cannot but wonder.

To start, let's clarify what makes one a black person. There are basically two levels of blackness. The first is obviously racial classification. Which makes anyone of African descent a black person, whether they admit to it or not. Secondly, blackness can be described as a mental condition of enslavement. Enslavement? Well because if you believe everything other people tell you, without excersising your own thought, then you have a mental handicap.

As a race, black people all over the world despise who they are. Their skin pigmentation is viewed in negative terms, wishing for skin other than their own. And this phenomenon is clearly visible by ridiculous attempts by blacks to whiten themselves. Whitenment takes place at the physical level, where people will use anything promises a lighter complexion or straighter hair. So much that people become infected with toxins and poisons from the toxins found in these chemicals they use.

So, in their eyes, beauty is defined by whiteness and nothing else. Pointed noses, animal like eyes(green/blue), relaxed hair, clean shaven and the profound detestation of blackness.

The intellectual level is worse because you would expect people who are educated to know themselves better. But education seems to make black people more and more sorry that they are black. The first sympton of education in blacks is the denounciation of their culture and traditions. To them all of black culture represents barbarism, despite the fact it is the same black culture that made them who they are. A defining feautre among educated blacks is their unanimous use of English as their medium of communication. Thanks to Bantu Education, many of them can't even speak English correctly, yet it is a status symbol. It sets them apart from ordinary folks. It is so stupid that even when it is blacks alone who are assembled, they will use English to communicate; despite their lack of command for the language.

The intellectual capacity of black people must be called into question. I mean, how else do you explain this defacto trend that anything brought by other races is acceptable to blacks. They will vehemently oppose anything and everything belonging to their past, yet readily accept what is given to them by other races without question!

Take religion for instance. Black people will readily kill you in defense of Christ as a God that represents all people, the ONLY true God. They refuse to acknowledge that their forefathers had a God and a system of belief. Christianity says black beliefs are pagan and so blacks denounce their beliefs as pagan. Without exception.

It is only in Black Africa where democracy is in such favour. Black people readily destroy their governments in favour of a system called democracy. Virtually all African states have done away with their traditional systems of government, despite the fact they do not understand what democracy is or means. If they understood what it was, there would no coups and dictatorships prevalent in Africa today. They have accepted a system non of whom has a clue how it is supposed to work. And they continue to kill one another in the name of democracy.

Is there still any black thought prevalent in the public discourse?

Black people, let's face it, you are stupid!