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Job Interviews

15 December 2010

Think about this for a while. In the not so distant past, companies hired people without ever setting eyes on them. The first time companies saw the new hire or the employee saw anybody in the company was when they reported for work on their first day.

People applied for jobs via mail and companies made hiring decisions purely based on the cv of the candidate, that's all. And for the most part, this generation of employees stayed for years with companies, if not the rest of their lives.

Along came education with new age courses like psychology, which changed the way people look at people. Psychology argued that to get the best out of employees companies needed to conduct face to face interviews, to try and assess if the employees would fit into the company's culture.

The result has been a vastly changed employment arena where no one seems to trust anyone anymore. Employers are concerned only with the bottom line, people don't matter any more. Employees are concerned with career growth and personal development, loyalty is no more.

So now we find two sets of parties that distrust each other immensely. Employers will keep employees as long as employees contribute to the bottom line. Employees will give their best only while the employer offers an environment where they can prosper.

Psychologists have even created profiles of employees. Today an employee can be turned down for a job purely based on the fact that somebody thinks they won't fit with the company, despite their suitability for the job.

As part of this profiling, employees today are required to undergo security checks and clearances. No matter how qualified you are for a job, if your profile or vetting fails, you do not get the job.

Where does this leave all of us?

Employers do not get the best candidates they could otherwise have had. Employees do not get the best jobs they could otherwise have had. So everyone ends up distrusting everyone. It becomes a world of every man for himself.