Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


Makumane a mona le mane!!

First and foremost, I pay tribute to my mother Nofaene Mathulo Khitsane-Futhwa, daughter of Bataung ba ha Thulo. I am what I am today because of her.

Print Editions now Available

13 Apr 2012

Finally, I can now say the books are in print! Two titles are already available for sale at Amazon while the third title should be ready by June. You can also order through Nalane under the Thekiso page.

Second Writers Symposium

13 Apr 2012

Attending the Writers Symposium in Cape Town was very costly but an interesting gathering, one I think I would like to attend next year.


13 Apr 2012

Again, the AGM was inspiring and thought provoking. This year it was held at NH The Lord Charles in Somerset West in Cape Town.

Moaba Sesotho AGM & Workshop

13 Apr 2012

Ka nnete ruri ke maswabi hore ke hlolehile ho ya finyella kopanong ya Moaba Sesotho maane Lekwa.

Print Editions

27 Feb 2012

Finally, it seems my books will be available in print. The expected time is around May 2012. I will keep everybody posted.

Time of the Writer

27 Feb 2012

It seems March is reserved for writing activities in South Africa! There is the SA Writers Symposium in Cape Town, Workshops by Moaba Sesotho, ANFASA AGM and Time of the Writer in Durban!

This makes it impossible to attend all events, but I suppose the little once is able to attend will be useful; and I should be attending most of these this year. So let's meet there.

Qoqa Sesotho

27 Feb 2012

Qoqa Sesotho is a facebook group that is very active and focuses on everything Basotho. So if you take interest in Sesotho and Basotho, visit Qoqa Sesotho on facebook.

Reconstructing History

27 Feb 2012

I have spent considerable time reconstructing the history of the various Basotho nations, culminating in a beautiful lineage of our ancestors.

I would like to continue with this work, although it would be nice to work as a group. So if you find this interesting, please let me know. One of the most difficult things here is getting the dates right! But I imagine we have scores of wonderful scholars out there, don't we?