Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


Projects are works under investigation or areas I would like to cover at some point.

  • Afrikan history
  • Afrikan spirituality, the concept of Gods in particular.
  • Afrikan cosmology (much work has already been covered in the book Setho: Afrikan Thought & Belief System)
  • Afrikan languages, with particular focus on dialects
  • Totem names (These have been covered for Basotho nations under the book Diboko tsa Basotho, but my interest is in covering all black nations in South Afrika)
  • Afrikan kingdoms, with particular focus on their relevance in modern times.
  • Afrikan cultures
  • Afrikan societal migrations and their impact on family
  • The Berlin Conference (its meaning and impact on Afrika and its people)
  • The Land Question

Why an interest in all these?

In short, because a person has a duty to know themselves, and history is mandatory according to the teachings of my people.

Also, having read wide I noticed a lot of material is very subjective, to the point of prejudice when relating stories about my people. So I believe the best way to account for history is to tell your story yourself.