Fezekile Futhwa 

Imaginative Literature


These are the services I provide to those who need them.

  1. Writing:
  2. Since I am a writer myself, I can help you write or write on your behalf on a particular theme/topic. I write primarily in Sesotho and English, while I also do some writing in isiXhosa, though not much.

  3. Editing:
  4. I can assist with editing texts to meet proper standards of publishing. Editing varies, and can include style, flow, sequence and format. Some editing jobs include aspects included under proof reading. I have worked on a number of dissertations in this regard.

  5. Proof Reading:
  6. I can proof read your work for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

  7. Cultural Consulting:
  8. Many people continue to request assistance on a number of cultural subjects. Much of my cultural requests stem from my website Nalane, www.nalane.org.za, which is a wholly cultural site for Basotho heritage. Nalane is my flagship work on cultural research, publishing and development.

  9. Guided Tours:
  10. I often go out on hiking trails in the south eastern Free State. Maluti(Drankesburg) mountain and the many underlying mountains that jointly make up Qwaqwa offer fantastic hiking trails.

    My favourite spots are: Maluti a Phofung(Sentinel Peak) which leads to Mount Aux Sources, Wetsi Caves, Thaba Putswa and Thaba Tshweu. Thaba Kgubedu, Metsimatsho Dam, Sterkfontein Dam and Fikapatso Dam are also interesting.

  11. Research:
  12. In putting together Nalane, I have had to do a lot of research and verification. I have also had to do the same in assisting with research papers for graduate and post graduate work. I am not a graduate myself, but my work is in assisting graduate and post graduate students in researching, editing and finalising their papers.

    Some of the research work has culminated in published works which can be viewed at http://www.nalane.org.za/thekiso/ or under Books.

  13. Technology Consulting:
  14. Since I am a software developer by profession, I suppose it is only natural that what I do for a living should feature in my skills? I work as an IT Consultant focusing on software development, data analytics, e-strategy, e-marketing and e-business development.

  15. Photography:
  16. My photography skills have been necessitated by my travels, since I have to shoot pictures wherever I go. This has led to heavy financial investment into photography gear and learning. Now that my competency is impressive, I do offer my services for a fee. You may see samples of my work as listed below at Shutterstock, where they are up for sale. You may also view samples at www.flicker.com/ffuthwa and www.facebook.com/ffuthwa

Just drop me an email at fezekile@futhwa.org.za should you need to chat or ask something.

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Ultimately I am a writer and writers have opinions. My opinions and thoughts are shared on facebook, so connect and let's talk.